LaMar Lighting Company (now LAMAR LED) was founded in 1957 in New York as a manufacturer of fluorescent lighting equipment. Our motto, “Service is Our Greatest Concern” was the foundation of our success and today that motto has grown into “Where Service and Technology Unite”.

Our product line has grown through the years to include the latest advancements in fixture designs, including today’s architectural suspended and recessed direct/indirect luminaires, as well as a full range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential LED and fluorescent lighting.

Recognizing the need for technologically advanced energy saving lighting, our Occu-Smart® product line began evolving in 1999 with a simple but functional design combining ultra sonic motion sensors and compact fluorescent lamps with one lamp switched by the sensor, and the other constantly on. This was our foray into bi-level lighting. Our first project was for over 10,000 fixtures, and the success of this installation led to the continued development of the product line. Aided with co-funding from NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) and in conjunction with an industry leading sensor manufacturer and a leading ballast supplier, the Occu-Smart® fully integrated true bi-level lighting system was developed.

The numerous awards and press coverage, including winning the prestigious “Energy Award” at Lightfair International 2002 for the best new energy saving device of the year, aided our early success.

Our continued advancements in sensor and ballast technology, as well as luminaire design have enabled us to become the industry leader in sensor controlled bi-level lighting, and the Occu-Smart® product line now includes models for stairwells, offices, corridors, restrooms, and other areas where full light output is not needed on a constant basis, while never leaving anyone in the dark.

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